Valentine’s in the Air

Valentine’s day is just a few days away. The streets are painted red, shops filled with candy and flowers.

As early as the last days of January, people are already thinking about what special gifts to give their valentines. And that includes a boy thinking of presents for his mom, someone hoping to ask a friend on a date, a husband looking for the perfect gift for his wife and so on.

For those who are thinking of something new to give for Valentine’s day, there are a lot of gift ideas to try out. Some more expensive the others. But there will always be some good old-fashioned gifts, those that never get old, no matter how many times they are given.

You can’t go wrong gifting someone chocolates, truffles, and candy on any day, and on Valentine’s Day, it’s a MUST.

Here to give you an idea, are the top five sure-win sweet gifts that will melt the heart of your valentine.

1. Chocolate Cake Nowadays, cakes have different kinds, different shapes and sizes, different themes and different styles. You can even place your picture on top of a cake, or write love messages on them. 

Chocolate Cake

And there will always be enough for everyone, or if your valentine doesn’t want to share, that’s fine, too.

2. Ice cream with unique flavors – In Alabama, you can try the black walnut ice cream; in Alaska, tickle your taste buds with the Turmeric Ice cream; we even have a smoked salmon, Guinness flavored and chili pepper ice cream here – if you don’t believe us, visit Murphy’s Ice cream, here in Dublin.


When looking for a great valentine’s treat, don’t just settle for the typical chocolate ice cream. Add twist with these blends, sweet with a tang of something new.

3. Heart shaped candy box – You may think that this is an ordinary gift that sounds cliché. But for someone who can’t figure out what to give on valentine’s day, why not gift a bit of everything. A box full of different kinds of sweets says it all. And if it comes on a heart shaped box, you’ll give the impression that you just gave heart your sweet heart away – romantic right?

Candy box

4. Theme chocolates – As chocolate comes in different shapes and sizes, tell her how you feel by looking for the right chocolate that says the right words.


You can choose from man shaped sweets or heart shaped ones. There are even chocolates that bluntly says I love you.


5. Flower shaped candy – Can’t decide if you’ll give her flowers or chocolates this Valentine’s day? Why not give her both. Plus, if she’s allergic, she definitely love that she got flowers without sneezing, and one she can enjoy munching on.


It’s one of the most heartfelt times of the year. A day where you can show your loved ones how much you care for them. But don’t forget that amidst the flowers and chocolates and sweet gifts, it’s still you and your presence that they consider the best gift for Valentine’s day.