Old Photo Booth

The Magic of a Good Old Fashioned Photo Booth

Nowadays, when every phone has a camera and every person from the age of 2 knows how to take a selfie (even our pets, sometimes) the good old fashioned photo booth could be the next victim of our world’s creative destruction. A lot of companies have either gone bankrupt or evolved because of the need to adapt.

Case in point: People who are in their 20s wouldn’t know what this is?

Film Roll

Yes, this used to be an item found everywhere, back when people still used a roll film for their cameras.

But because, as mentioned earlier every phone has a camera, and every person has a phone, this piece of item died together with the purpose which it served…except of course for the very few enthusiasts who still develop films like we used to.

Another case in point: I bet you didn’t know that Nokia, the very famous phone brand didn’t start out selling phones.

The company that eventually became Nokia was founded in Finland as a pulp mill company in 1865 selling all kinds of paper. Eventually they saw that the business wasn’t that booming so they explored different possibilities. In the 1960s, Nokia was selling everything from toilet paper to car tires. But by 1980s, it had spun-off almost everything except its telecommunications businesses.


Nokia Phone

Along with Motorola, Nokia helped pioneer the mobile industry in the 1980s and `90s, and by 1998 Nokia was the largest mobile phone maker in the world.

However, in 2014, it already sold the Nokia Brand to Microsoft. Another case of brand evolution and creative destruction for you.

But why is it that, despite the fact that we all have the capacity to take our pictures, photo booths are still a thriving business, especially in weddings, and different ceremonies and events?

The Magic of Photo Booths

SelfieSo why is the old fashioned photo booth thriving in the age of Instagram and snapchat?

Even when you have the apacity to snap a photo on your camera phone there, admittedly, is still a large market for classic photo booths.

For one, photo booth seats are designed for people to get physically closer and interact with one another. It paves the way for conversation and networking for corporate events. It brings excitement for the younger people, and for the older generation, it brings back awesome memories. Another factor is that you get an instant hard copy. All our pictures are on our phones and there’s something specially about having an actual print to take home with you. Plus, it makes for a good souvenir, something that you can take home and put on your fridge – to always remember the fun and feeling the event brought you.

Memories will live on in these photos

Yes, we are now in the digital age where everything is fast paced and techie. We have 5000 friends in Facebook but very few real friends.

In sum, what makes the photo booth live on, despite its more digital counterparts, is the way it makes people feel, actually being with other people, knowing that you were part of a group that took a special photo on that heartwarming event.