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6 Wedding Traditions to Consider on your Big Day

It’s the big day, everybody’s excited! The garden looks amazing, the cake is 100 layers and fabulous. But wait, did we check if the bride had something old, something new? Did she have anything borrowed, is she holding anything blue while walking down the aisle.

These are but a few traditions that we normally check off our list. A lot of people make an elaborate list, but others tend to just brush them off.

If you are one who sticks to traditions and doesn’t treat them lightly, here are the top 5 wedding traditions one should consider on the big day, and the rationale behind them.


Wedding Ceremony Traditions

1. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Wedding traditionsIn talking about wedding traditions, this old rhyme will always be mentioned.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

This rhyme remains as a British custom, but has spread all throughout the world and have been practiced in a lot of weddings all over.

The allegorical meaning of the rhyme is: Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness, something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.


2. Carrying a bouquet down the aisle

wedding traditionsThis universal tradition has always been at the top of every wedding planner’s list. Together with the killer wedding dress and shoes, the bride must ALWAYS carry a bouquet. Otherwise, it would look incomplete and awkward walking down the aisle with the bride’s hands without flowers. Of course she can do a royal wave, but even that won’t make up for the whole vibe of the ceremony.

The history behind carrying a bouquet, interesting as it may sound, is that in the Middle Ages, strong smelling herbs and spices were carried by the bride to drive away evil spirits, bad luck and any misfortune. Also, popular among those times was the herb dill, as it was the herb of lust. Its consumption by the newlyweds was thought to increase sexual desire.

Another origin of the bouquet during weddings dates back to ancient Rome, when brides carried flower garlands, as flowers signify new beginnings, fertility, hope and fidelity.


3. Exchanging wedding bands

wedding traditionsBefore the big day, the happy couple gets to choose the design of their bands or rings, as these will be worn by them all throughout their lives as a symbol that they have given themselves to their significant other.

As the phrase goes, ‘til death do us part’, these words are the very essence of the wedding bands. The bride has given herself to the groom and the groom to the bride – and no one except death can separate them.

Moreover, a ring symbolizes the eternity of their love. It has no beginning and end.


4. The wedding vows

Wedding traditionsThe highlight of every wedding is the exchange of vows. In some traditions, the priest facilitates by guiding the bride and groom on their vows. In some traditions, the bride and groom can make their own solemn vows.

This part is the one that seals the deal as some couples have stayed together in a home, without the benefit marriage and without standing in from of one another in ceremony to let their love and vows be heard by their partner.


Tradition after Ceremony

After the bride and groom have finally tied the knot, we now go to the next event that all of the guests enjoy: the reception. And even during the reception, the traditions continue. This is because, ever since time immemorial, after a weddings comes a grand feast – a celebration of union, two souls joined as one to multiply and become a family.

5. Serving the wedding cake

wedding traditionsJust like birthday celebrations and other events, a wedding will not be complete without serving the cake. It’s one of the highlights of any wedding, the other being the wine toasting.

Serving the cake represents fertility and prosperity — and cutting the cake and feeding one a another is a symbolism for doing things together as equal heads of the family, one needing the other.


6. The wedding toast

wedding traditionsIn the wedding toast, the best man, is entitled – or burdened – with the task of introducing the couple, sharing their history and wishing them well. Everyone hopes that the groom hasn’t drank too much before the toast so he could execute his job well.

Next to share is the maid of honor who seconds the motion in sharing the love between the couple. But, experience tells us that, the maid of honor also smoothens what the best man started.

As for the symbolism behind the toast, this symbolizes drinking from the cup of life and sharing all of the couples experiences together, bitter and sweet. In some countries, part of the ceremony asks the bride and groom to drink from the same cup as a symbol of sharing themselves with one another.


Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo Booth

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo Booth

Pictures definitely say a thousand words, more so when these pictures are taken with friends at a memorable event. This is why there is a certain charm in having a photo booth at weddings, birthday parties and very important events in our lives.

Other than being fun, and having that casual and impromptu vibe, a photo booth is always necessary and desirable for any party as this will be remembered by guests and friends as an important detail of the event.

This being said, here’s a list of things that one needs to consider when hiring a photo booth for their event.


Photo Booth Location

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothMuch like any other important detail in the setting and placement of chairs, tables, lights and design, it is equally important to set up the photo booth in the right place. Set it up in a spot where all guests can see and easily access it.

The photo booth should easily blend with the event, but must also stand out so as to be seen by the guests. Ideally, It can placed near the bar, if the venue has one, or where the main entertainment is going to take place.

For weddings, a guest book is a great idea for the guests to be able to tape their photos and have them sign in and leave their best wishes and remarks to the newlyweds.


Make Sure to Spread the Word

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothThe best way to maximize your photo booth is to let the guest know that there is one and to point them to the photo booth’s direction.  Let the guest know that the photo booth free and that they can take as many pictures as they want. Before you know it people will be talking about how much fun the event is.

Also inform the event’s host or DJ to mention a few times of the photo booth’s location and that it’s here for everyone’s enjoyment.


Consider the Number of Guests

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothIn hiring a photo booth, also consider if they can accommodate the size of the guests to be served. Communicate the estimate number of guests that will attend early on for them to be ready as to what materials and machines need to be set up in the event.

As people tend to be excited, some rush and some want to have their photos taken more than once, its always good to be ready for anything.





Souvenirs and Party Favors

We have mentioned in other articles that one good thing about having a photo booth is that it also doubles as a party favor or souvenir—something that you can put on your fridge or office table. Since the photos are available in a few minutes, friends and new acquaintance have for small talk while waiting for their photos.


Same-Day-Edit Video Ideas

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothAnother great idea in considering a photo booth at your event is making a slideshow of the photos taken and set up a projector or screen while the event is taking place.

It’ll definitely liven up the event and have more than a few laughs. Great way to remember an epic event.

Photos on a wall

Benefits of having a Photo Booth in Your Corporate Event

Here’s one fact everyone can attest to: Everyone loves to take photos in events. May it be a social or family gathering, people love to document where they are, who they are with, how much fun they are having.

In company and corporate parties, event and marketing planners need to make sure attendees are having the best time in these events. These can be validated by verbal and written reviews, word of mouth, and because we are now in the age of social media, validation comes via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Usually, in corporate events, planners try to replicate that ambiance of lightness and comfort one looks forward to in family gatherings and celebrations – weddings, birthdays, weekend barbecues. After a stressful day at the office, a great corporate thanks giving or town hall event can be a breath of fresh air for everyone.

This is also one reason why a photo booth is a great idea, not just for social celebrations, but also for corporate events. Place a photo booth at any event and in a few minutes you’ll have a warm atmosphere, a laughing crowd and a great event that you’ll be talking about for the rest of the week!

Moreover, hiring a photo booth has other benefits tailor fit in maximizing and complimenting your marketing objectives, two birds in one stone!

Here are 3 great reasons why a photo booth is beneficial in your next corporate event!


Having a photo booth provides opportunities for networking

In big corporate events, not everyone knows each other. The number of people attending could be a great number, and could be a really good indicator for the success of the event.

However, for you to get good reviews and feedback, an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity has to be felt.

As people in large numbers need to fall in line for their turn in a photo booth, they soon start talking and bond with one another. Some would even be in the same photo once they have their turn to have their photo taken.

Conversations start to flow smoothly when talking about a shared experience. This gives the people a great opportunity to talk casually about a lot of things, business and other matters are not an exception to this.

Moreover, event planners and hosts can even use the photos taken as a good way to get the ball rolling in terms of speaking freely and interact with the attendees.


Photos from your photo booth is a Great marketing strategy to Spread the Word About Your Product Or Service

People in a partyFor product launches, trade shows and corporate events with particular themes and advocacies, the best way to spread the word is by designing the photos from the photo booth to match the theme of your event.

Because photo booths nowadays are developing in line with latest technology, not only are the photos available in minutes, one can also be able to post and share these photos across all social media quicker than you can say “see you at your next event”.

And because people have had a fun experience seeing themselves on different costumes and backgrounds, they have something to laugh about and share with friends long after the event is over. These photos – with your customized event info on them – spread like wildfire as they share them with other people. A great marketing strategy indeed.


It’s both an encapsulated memory and a corporate souvenir

Photo souvenirsOf course, when people go to any event, one thing they’ll be keeping an eye on is the party favor or souvenir they’ll be taking home or placing on their living room shelves.

Having a photo booth in an event can lessen the event planner’s stress in finding the right souvenir as the photos themselves act as a great souvenir from the event. This can save the event planner a lot as the photos provide a marketing tool, entertainment, and souvenir for the corporate event.


Photo booth – Essential in every event

Having these 3 things in mind, we can fairly say that a photo booth not only acts as a form of entertainment but is very much a good marketing tool and a great way of saving up on corporate budget. Of course these are just 3 out of the many reasons a photo booth should be present in your next event.