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Mrs. Froster’s Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is that time of the year where we celebrate the hardships, the sacrifices, the joy and beauty that comes with being a mother. We celebrate the memories, from the time a woman gives birth and holds her baby for the first time, as a mother. The image of her child is imbibed in her mind, as clear as a photo taken that very day.

If you are a mom, this is your big day. If you aren’t, this is finally the day you get to buy your mom something special for mother’s day. I’m sure she’s been nagging you as early as April to get her something special.

But for moms, nothing short of special will do. It has to be something you didn’t just pick from the neighbor’s garden, or a last-minute artwork you did for the occasion. It has to say, “you’re special”, “I got this for you”, and of course, the ever elusive “I love you.”

As you are probably still thinking of what to buy this 13th of May, here are a few gift ideas you can give her, to make her feel loved, and not regret that she had you.



Ferrero RocherNo matter what the occasion or event, candy will always be good option for the sweet tooth in us. There are a variety of candies our moms can sink their teeth in. If you are on a budget there are a lot of candies with good presentation at a super low cost.

For those who can spend a special amount for a special woman, there are a lot of expensive candies, put are pretty worth it in terms of taste and flavor.

Pretty good choices are Ferrero, Dairy Milk and there even cute candy bouquets particularly made for the occasion.




Bouquet of flowersStevie Wonder once said, “Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” Flowers are definitely a great choice when giving gifts to women – especially for mom.

Flowers can be presented in a lot of ways: either by a single long stem rose or similar sweet smelling flower, an assorted bouquet of different flowers of different colors and fresh scents, or a basket of flowers to adorn her room or coffee table.





JewelryAs that famous song goes, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” This is perfectly true. But because our moms love us so much, anything that comes from us, even though not diamonds, would be appreciated as if they are bigger than the biggest diamond.

For kids and teens, mom would also treasure necklaces, bracelets, and other bands you made yourself. Moms may look hard on the outside sometimes, but are pretty soft on the inside. anything you made for them will definitely get a hug and kiss for a reward!

But of course, if we can afford it, go ahead and spoil mommy with a shiny new rock!



Scented Candles

scented candlesAs women love everything aromatic, candles of different scents and colors are a great gift idea for mom! Anything that she can put in her coffee table or shelves , something for good conversation when a neighbor visits.

She can always say, “my son gave me this on Mother’s day” as if it was the best thing we ever did in the world.



Her Favorite Book

Mommy reading do kidFor those who are pretty close to mommy dearest, we can skim through her library or book shelves and see what kind of books she likes.

From the good old fashioned, 50 shades or maybe one of Martha Stewart’s writings, buying something she likes will definitely hit it big in her heart. Goes to show we really pay attention on the things that she loves.



Framed Photos

Old photosAs moms are very sentimental, a family photo of your best day, an anniversary, a family celebration will definitely hit the spot, right through her heart. This gift is not very costly, an edited photo, nice photo frame, and voila! Perfect gift for mom!

Moreover, a photo says a lot. It’s not just giving her an old photograph, it’s giving her piece of memory. Something both of you shared. Something special to only both of you, and if it’s a family picture, special to your family of course!


These are only a few ideas on what to give her this Mother’s day. If you really want to impress mom, why not give her everything from the list. Mix and match, or be quirky and give her something different. But really, nothing beats good old fashioned love, a hug, a kiss and a heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day will surely melt mom’s heart!