Man with Horse head in Photo Booth

Making the Most out of your Photo Booth

From planning and food tasting to party favors, everything needs to be perfect when it comes to weddings and special events. And everyone would agree that hiring a photo booth definitely completes an event planner’s checklist.

Not only is it a great way to entertain the guests, it’s also a great idea to give out party favors and souvenirs. Hiring a photo booth definitely gives people something to talk about long after the event has ended, plus it’s a great way to capture the great fun everybody had on your special day.

Whatever the reasons are, here are some great tips to maximize and get the most out of your photo booth.

Dress up your Photo Booth to match the Event Theme

Party hatMay it be a beach or garden wedding or a colorful pony themed 7th birthday, let the photo booth blend with the party theme by decorating it with the event’s colors.

This goes the same for the prints. As the photos will be used as souvenirs, they need to be designed to match the theme. These prints will be displayed in office tables, photo albums and refrigerators and will definitely be a reminder of how much fun the party had been!


Plan out Character Photos and Props You’ll Use

Horse Playing a Guitar in Photo BoothWhat makes the people line up and patiently wait for their turn in photo booths is the opportunity to dress up and be Harry Potter or Hermione and share their photo with friends. One way to maximize the photo booth is to be ready with the props and think ahead of the poses you will use.

Being these characters for a night and sharing these memories with friends is definitely worth lining up for.

Also worthy to note is, in hiring a photo booth communicate the theme before hand to make sure the props are in line with the theme.

 Encourage group photos

Group PhotosAs parties and big events tend to have a big number of guests, a lot of people wouldn’t know each other. Some would want to have their photo taken first while others, a bit later.

To provide an opportunity to network and have guests get to know each other, encourage taking of photos with large groups.

Once the photo is taken, guests who may not know each other will have something to talk about, and definitely something to share a laugh with.

 Make the Most Out of Every Memory

These are but a few ways to maximize and make the most out of your event’s photo booth.  Of course you can also collect the shots, and make a do it yourself scrap book but there are some who provide a scrap book as an added feature of the photo booth service.

Last but not least, remember to use the phot booth yourself! Especially for brides and grooms who are so busy checking on guests and the overall flow of the event. Be sure to have some fun and enjoy at your own event –  and remember to treasure every memories because the event my last a few hours, but the memories born out these, last a lifetime!