June Bride

June Bride – Why Summer Weddings are so Popular

June, it’s that time of the year. We are saying good bye to merry May and entering the second half of the year. As summer is in the air, so is the blossom of fresh flowers and the sweet scent of forever. Whenever the month of June is mentioned, one thing immediately comes to mind – June bride.

Juno - Goddess of MarriageQuite curious, I started wondering where the term came from. More curious is, why would anyone want to get married in June? It’s hot, sometimes humid. If not the bride, the groom will definitely be soaking wet with sweat in his tux before he says I do.

I then did a bit of research and came across the origin of the term June bride. It turns out, the terms dates back Roman times when the citizens celebrated the feast of spouses Jupiter and Juno, the latter being the goddess of marriage and childbirth. That’s also where the term June cane from. Their feast day is on the first day of June.

Moving a bit forward, in Victorian times, the tradition was maintained because this is the season where flowers bloom the most and are perfect for wedding decorations. Also the scent of flowers masked body odor from the scorching heat and sweat. Romantic, huh?



Getting Married in June?

June brideHaving these things in mind, I know it makes you think twice before scheduling your “I do’s” on a hot summer day. But, should wish to tie the knot when the flowers bloom the most, here are few things we recommend:

Lean-season rates mean that a lot more people and guests can afford a summer vacation (usually with group packages) and be able to attend your June wedding. As school’s out, a lot of your guests can even bring the kids, even the whole family. Make awesome wedding memories by spending the whole weekend, and not just an overnight stay, together with friends and family. It’ll be a grand wedding story to tell your kids one day.

Expect the hottest – and no, not bridesmaids. If you plan it right, it doesn’t matter how hot it could get during day time, as long as you’re in a nice air conditioned reception room or hall. That goes the same at night. The sun may be gone, but the hot summer air gets carried from day to night. Be sure to tell your guests to book a cozy air conditioned room. After all, summer is not the time to be thrifty and book an eco-hotel with unreliable air conditioning.

Don’t ask your guest to wear formal attire. Sure it looks lovely in pictures, but are they comfortable. More so, if you’re planning a beach wedding, expect to have sand on you and your guests toes. This definitely means no stilettos and needle thin heels.



Saying I Do No Matter the Season

Over all, it does really matter what month or what season you plan your wedding and say your I do’s. But if you are still planning for a June wedding, you are just one among many who do, despite the hot sweaty summer weather. As the saying goes:  “For when you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life.”