Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo Booth

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo Booth

Pictures definitely say a thousand words, more so when these pictures are taken with friends at a memorable event. This is why there is a certain charm in having a photo booth at weddings, birthday parties and very important events in our lives.

Other than being fun, and having that casual and impromptu vibe, a photo booth is always necessary and desirable for any party as this will be remembered by guests and friends as an important detail of the event.

This being said, here’s a list of things that one needs to consider when hiring a photo booth for their event.


Photo Booth Location

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothMuch like any other important detail in the setting and placement of chairs, tables, lights and design, it is equally important to set up the photo booth in the right place. Set it up in a spot where all guests can see and easily access it.

The photo booth should easily blend with the event, but must also stand out so as to be seen by the guests. Ideally, It can placed near the bar, if the venue has one, or where the main entertainment is going to take place.

For weddings, a guest book is a great idea for the guests to be able to tape their photos and have them sign in and leave their best wishes and remarks to the newlyweds.


Make Sure to Spread the Word

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothThe best way to maximize your photo booth is to let the guest know that there is one and to point them to the photo booth’s direction.  Let the guest know that the photo booth free and that they can take as many pictures as they want. Before you know it people will be talking about how much fun the event is.

Also inform the event’s host or DJ to mention a few times of the photo booth’s location and that it’s here for everyone’s enjoyment.


Consider the Number of Guests

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothIn hiring a photo booth, also consider if they can accommodate the size of the guests to be served. Communicate the estimate number of guests that will attend early on for them to be ready as to what materials and machines need to be set up in the event.

As people tend to be excited, some rush and some want to have their photos taken more than once, its always good to be ready for anything.





Souvenirs and Party Favors

We have mentioned in other articles that one good thing about having a photo booth is that it also doubles as a party favor or souvenir—something that you can put on your fridge or office table. Since the photos are available in a few minutes, friends and new acquaintance have for small talk while waiting for their photos.


Same-Day-Edit Video Ideas

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothAnother great idea in considering a photo booth at your event is making a slideshow of the photos taken and set up a projector or screen while the event is taking place.

It’ll definitely liven up the event and have more than a few laughs. Great way to remember an epic event.