Crazy Photo Booth

Fun Photo Booth Designs and Props

Don’t you just love photo booths? In weddings and events, people get excited when that box with the quirky props and cute backdrop are there – people even check out and scout the area if any photo booth has been set up.

Just what is it with photo booths that give us this exciting and giddy feeling that suddenly we need to have our picture taken? It’s that feeling of having fun with friends, memories that you can look back to even after the event is gone.

When hiring a photo booth, you need to make sure that the props (toys, cardboard quotes, head gear and hats, etc.) are all fresh and fun. It’d also be a big bonus if the props and photo booth design theme fits with the event’s theme.

As for props and quotes, here are a two quirky fun photo booth ideas for props and designs for you to get an idea on your next event:


Vintage Photo Booth Props

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Crazy Photo Booth

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For most weddings, vintage theme never gets old (ironic right?) Add in a few pastels, a few old things you can find at your house, a few things your grandma or grandpa used to own, and voila, perfect vintage wedding.

To match it with your photo booth, dress up your area with pastel or black and white colors, add in a few clothes and sheets, a few things stuck in your attic and you’re ready to go. It’ll definitely give that nostalgic feel, especially if the items are authentic.




Bohemian Photo Booth Props

Crazy photo BoothWhat fun way to dress up your photo booth and put matching props when the theme is “Bohemian”. Dream catchers, free flowing energy surrounding the area. Put a few colorful props and designs, a few peace sign cardboard shot outs and you’re ready to go.

People wouldn’t resist having their picture taken once they feel the vibe and the positive energy in the air.