5 Crazy Wedding Themes for 2018

This June, the wedding fever hasn’t died down yet. Wedding planners everywhere are at their busiest as ‘tis the season for vows and bouquets, for forevers and I dos!

But planning a wedding, especially picking a theme, is no easy feat. You start off with conceptualizing on making that most special day perfect.

May it be a beach wedding or saying your vows after jumping off a plane, here are 5 crazy wedding themes that’ll sure give everyone an awesome time.


1. Harry Potter Wedding

Crazy Wedding Ideas for 2018A lot of us dream of going to school at Hogwarts. Why not just go there to get married?

It’s such a great idea, some have already done it.

From cool wanted poster wedding invites, Slitherin and Gryffindor shoes, and yes, Harry Potter underwear, a Harry Potter themed wedding does seem like a really great idea. You can play with a lot of ideas, get a lot inspiration from the books.

Of course it won’t be easy recreating the event, but there will be a lot of places where you get novelty Harry Potter items such as wands and brooms. You can even customize background scenes and details to recreate the Hogwarts ambiance.

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2. Super Hero Wedding Theme

Crazy Wedding Ideas for 2018

Photo by Jaime Kae Hazen Photography

Cooler than getting married in Hogwarts is going to your wedding as Superman. May it be Marvel or DC, this idea will definitely have a lot of fun and funny photos that the whole family would love.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen could dress up either as sexy villains or superheroes, or why not let the entire Avengers team go to the wedding.

Just be sure to coordinate costumes as we can’t have two Captain Americas going to the same wedding.


3. Disney Theme

Every woman wants to marry her prince charming. Well, why not make her wish come true by doing a Disney Themed wedding. Dress up in your most favorite Disney princess and start your happily ever after in style.

Who wouldn’t want to be Cinderella for a day going out from her royal carriage and on to that aisle where prince charming awaits.

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4. Candy Land Theme

Crazy Wedding Ideas for 2018Who doesn’t love Candy. Saying I do has never tasted this sweet. Bring color into your wedding with a dash of sweets and Candy Land themed wedding.

Draw inspiration from Candy Crush or just fill the reception with rainbow colored candy to add cheer to this special moment.

However, just make sure the food served is more than just candy. It’s one thing for the whole vibe to look and taste really sweet, it’s another to have too much sweets and have tummy ache the next day.



Halloween Wedding theme

Crazy Wedding Ideas for 2018Yes, Halloween is not yet for a few more months. But it would pretty unforgettable to attend a spooky Halloween themed wedding.

Just to be quirky and remember your most important day by saying I do with fangs and goth make up, would really be fantastic.




Crazy Weddings All Around

Of course, there are other quirky ideas we can think of. Cosplay weddings, African Safari themed ones, the list of quirkiness when it comes to celebrating your best day is limitless.