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Craziest Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.

But before the bride takes her glorious walk down that ever perfect aisle, the bridesmaids would pave the way.

Other than the food and the design of the reception, much talked about are the outfits, the motif and the bride’s dress, and of course, bridesmaids’ dresses.

Everybody knows that it’s the bride’s perfect day. She has to be the most beautiful woman there. And as such, nobody should outshine the bride. However, this is not the main reason why bridesmaid’s dresses are all alike.

Why the Matching Dresses?

To give a brief insight on the tradition, it is believed in ancient Rome that when a man and woman celebrate their love by getting married, they attract evil spirits because of the spite of unrequited love and love lost from other suitors.

To ward off these evil spirits, the bride’s maids would dress up in matching dresses to distract these evil spirits and guard the bride until the vows are said and wedding finally consummated. Who knew there was so much ado with saying a couple’s I do’s.

Never Outshine the Bride

Some say you’ll definitely know how much your best friend loves you when you see what she’ll make you wear as a bridesmaid on her wedding day. Let’s hope she loves you dearly enough to not make you wear one of these featured dresses.

Having this in mind, here are some of the craziest vintage bridesmaid dresses that’ll make you hide all evidence if you were one the bridesmaids.

Beautiful, flowery, efficient. Just be sure to stay away from the curtain when taking a picture. You’ll know where these dresses came from. Better buy new curtains, then.


Strawberry shortcake themed wedding needs a strawberry shortcake themed bridesmaids. Of course with little shortcake flower girls, too. This could look really cool and flary in the 70s but try doing one now, you’ll end up at the top of the list of Craziest Bridesmaid dresses.


Back in the 60s and 70s, psychedelic princesses are rocking. Take it to the next level and add in a slash of pastel and this is what happens. The evil spirits will definitely be confused.


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All in the Spirit of Love and Fun

Weddings are celebrated between two people who have so much love that it needs to be declared, professed and proclaimed to the world. It could be celebrated with only a few people, to a hundred thousand guests and friends.

You could be wearing a strawberry shortcake outfit or a pastel princess dress. But what really matters is you get to share the love and take part in a wonderful event that will last a lifetime. A momentous event shared only to special people, no matter what you wear and how you look.