June Bride

June Bride – Why Summer Weddings are so Popular

June, it’s that time of the year. We are saying good bye to merry May and entering the second half of the year. As summer is in the air, so is the blossom of fresh flowers and the sweet scent of forever. Whenever the month of June is mentioned, one thing immediately comes to mind – June bride.

Juno - Goddess of MarriageQuite curious, I started wondering where the term came from. More curious is, why would anyone want to get married in June? It’s hot, sometimes humid. If not the bride, the groom will definitely be soaking wet with sweat in his tux before he says I do.

I then did a bit of research and came across the origin of the term June bride. It turns out, the terms dates back Roman times when the citizens celebrated the feast of spouses Jupiter and Juno, the latter being the goddess of marriage and childbirth. That’s also where the term June cane from. Their feast day is on the first day of June.

Moving a bit forward, in Victorian times, the tradition was maintained because this is the season where flowers bloom the most and are perfect for wedding decorations. Also the scent of flowers masked body odor from the scorching heat and sweat. Romantic, huh?



Getting Married in June?

June brideHaving these things in mind, I know it makes you think twice before scheduling your “I do’s” on a hot summer day. But, should wish to tie the knot when the flowers bloom the most, here are few things we recommend:

Lean-season rates mean that a lot more people and guests can afford a summer vacation (usually with group packages) and be able to attend your June wedding. As school’s out, a lot of your guests can even bring the kids, even the whole family. Make awesome wedding memories by spending the whole weekend, and not just an overnight stay, together with friends and family. It’ll be a grand wedding story to tell your kids one day.

Expect the hottest – and no, not bridesmaids. If you plan it right, it doesn’t matter how hot it could get during day time, as long as you’re in a nice air conditioned reception room or hall. That goes the same at night. The sun may be gone, but the hot summer air gets carried from day to night. Be sure to tell your guests to book a cozy air conditioned room. After all, summer is not the time to be thrifty and book an eco-hotel with unreliable air conditioning.

Don’t ask your guest to wear formal attire. Sure it looks lovely in pictures, but are they comfortable. More so, if you’re planning a beach wedding, expect to have sand on you and your guests toes. This definitely means no stilettos and needle thin heels.



Saying I Do No Matter the Season

Over all, it does really matter what month or what season you plan your wedding and say your I do’s. But if you are still planning for a June wedding, you are just one among many who do, despite the hot sweaty summer weather. As the saying goes:  “For when you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life.”

Old Photo Booth

The Magic of a Good Old Fashioned Photo Booth

Nowadays, when every phone has a camera and every person from the age of 2 knows how to take a selfie (even our pets, sometimes) the good old fashioned photo booth could be the next victim of our world’s creative destruction. A lot of companies have either gone bankrupt or evolved because of the need to adapt.

Case in point: People who are in their 20s wouldn’t know what this is?

Film Roll

Yes, this used to be an item found everywhere, back when people still used a roll film for their cameras.

But because, as mentioned earlier every phone has a camera, and every person has a phone, this piece of item died together with the purpose which it served…except of course for the very few enthusiasts who still develop films like we used to.

Another case in point: I bet you didn’t know that Nokia, the very famous phone brand didn’t start out selling phones.

The company that eventually became Nokia was founded in Finland as a pulp mill company in 1865 selling all kinds of paper. Eventually they saw that the business wasn’t that booming so they explored different possibilities. In the 1960s, Nokia was selling everything from toilet paper to car tires. But by 1980s, it had spun-off almost everything except its telecommunications businesses.


Nokia Phone

Along with Motorola, Nokia helped pioneer the mobile industry in the 1980s and `90s, and by 1998 Nokia was the largest mobile phone maker in the world.

However, in 2014, it already sold the Nokia Brand to Microsoft. Another case of brand evolution and creative destruction for you.

But why is it that, despite the fact that we all have the capacity to take our pictures, photo booths are still a thriving business, especially in weddings, and different ceremonies and events?

The Magic of Photo Booths

SelfieSo why is the old fashioned photo booth thriving in the age of Instagram and snapchat?

Even when you have the apacity to snap a photo on your camera phone there, admittedly, is still a large market for classic photo booths.

For one, photo booth seats are designed for people to get physically closer and interact with one another. It paves the way for conversation and networking for corporate events. It brings excitement for the younger people, and for the older generation, it brings back awesome memories. Another factor is that you get an instant hard copy. All our pictures are on our phones and there’s something specially about having an actual print to take home with you. Plus, it makes for a good souvenir, something that you can take home and put on your fridge – to always remember the fun and feeling the event brought you.

Memories will live on in these photos

Yes, we are now in the digital age where everything is fast paced and techie. We have 5000 friends in Facebook but very few real friends.

In sum, what makes the photo booth live on, despite its more digital counterparts, is the way it makes people feel, actually being with other people, knowing that you were part of a group that took a special photo on that heartwarming event.

Man with Horse head in Photo Booth

Making the Most out of your Photo Booth

From planning and food tasting to party favors, everything needs to be perfect when it comes to weddings and special events. And everyone would agree that hiring a photo booth definitely completes an event planner’s checklist.

Not only is it a great way to entertain the guests, it’s also a great idea to give out party favors and souvenirs. Hiring a photo booth definitely gives people something to talk about long after the event has ended, plus it’s a great way to capture the great fun everybody had on your special day.

Whatever the reasons are, here are some great tips to maximize and get the most out of your photo booth.

Dress up your Photo Booth to match the Event Theme

Party hatMay it be a beach or garden wedding or a colorful pony themed 7th birthday, let the photo booth blend with the party theme by decorating it with the event’s colors.

This goes the same for the prints. As the photos will be used as souvenirs, they need to be designed to match the theme. These prints will be displayed in office tables, photo albums and refrigerators and will definitely be a reminder of how much fun the party had been!


Plan out Character Photos and Props You’ll Use

Horse Playing a Guitar in Photo BoothWhat makes the people line up and patiently wait for their turn in photo booths is the opportunity to dress up and be Harry Potter or Hermione and share their photo with friends. One way to maximize the photo booth is to be ready with the props and think ahead of the poses you will use.

Being these characters for a night and sharing these memories with friends is definitely worth lining up for.

Also worthy to note is, in hiring a photo booth communicate the theme before hand to make sure the props are in line with the theme.

 Encourage group photos

Group PhotosAs parties and big events tend to have a big number of guests, a lot of people wouldn’t know each other. Some would want to have their photo taken first while others, a bit later.

To provide an opportunity to network and have guests get to know each other, encourage taking of photos with large groups.

Once the photo is taken, guests who may not know each other will have something to talk about, and definitely something to share a laugh with.

 Make the Most Out of Every Memory

These are but a few ways to maximize and make the most out of your event’s photo booth.  Of course you can also collect the shots, and make a do it yourself scrap book but there are some who provide a scrap book as an added feature of the photo booth service.

Last but not least, remember to use the phot booth yourself! Especially for brides and grooms who are so busy checking on guests and the overall flow of the event. Be sure to have some fun and enjoy at your own event –  and remember to treasure every memories because the event my last a few hours, but the memories born out these, last a lifetime!

April Highlights

April Highlights

Photos on a wall

Benefits of having a Photo Booth in Your Corporate Event

Here’s one fact everyone can attest to: Everyone loves to take photos in events. May it be a social or family gathering, people love to document where they are, who they are with, how much fun they are having.

In company and corporate parties, event and marketing planners need to make sure attendees are having the best time in these events. These can be validated by verbal and written reviews, word of mouth, and because we are now in the age of social media, validation comes via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Usually, in corporate events, planners try to replicate that ambiance of lightness and comfort one looks forward to in family gatherings and celebrations – weddings, birthdays, weekend barbecues. After a stressful day at the office, a great corporate thanks giving or town hall event can be a breath of fresh air for everyone.

This is also one reason why a photo booth is a great idea, not just for social celebrations, but also for corporate events. Place a photo booth at any event and in a few minutes you’ll have a warm atmosphere, a laughing crowd and a great event that you’ll be talking about for the rest of the week!

Moreover, hiring a photo booth has other benefits tailor fit in maximizing and complimenting your marketing objectives, two birds in one stone!

Here are 3 great reasons why a photo booth is beneficial in your next corporate event!


Having a photo booth provides opportunities for networking

In big corporate events, not everyone knows each other. The number of people attending could be a great number, and could be a really good indicator for the success of the event.

However, for you to get good reviews and feedback, an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity has to be felt.

As people in large numbers need to fall in line for their turn in a photo booth, they soon start talking and bond with one another. Some would even be in the same photo once they have their turn to have their photo taken.

Conversations start to flow smoothly when talking about a shared experience. This gives the people a great opportunity to talk casually about a lot of things, business and other matters are not an exception to this.

Moreover, event planners and hosts can even use the photos taken as a good way to get the ball rolling in terms of speaking freely and interact with the attendees.


Photos from your photo booth is a Great marketing strategy to Spread the Word About Your Product Or Service

People in a partyFor product launches, trade shows and corporate events with particular themes and advocacies, the best way to spread the word is by designing the photos from the photo booth to match the theme of your event.

Because photo booths nowadays are developing in line with latest technology, not only are the photos available in minutes, one can also be able to post and share these photos across all social media quicker than you can say “see you at your next event”.

And because people have had a fun experience seeing themselves on different costumes and backgrounds, they have something to laugh about and share with friends long after the event is over. These photos – with your customized event info on them – spread like wildfire as they share them with other people. A great marketing strategy indeed.


It’s both an encapsulated memory and a corporate souvenir

Photo souvenirsOf course, when people go to any event, one thing they’ll be keeping an eye on is the party favor or souvenir they’ll be taking home or placing on their living room shelves.

Having a photo booth in an event can lessen the event planner’s stress in finding the right souvenir as the photos themselves act as a great souvenir from the event. This can save the event planner a lot as the photos provide a marketing tool, entertainment, and souvenir for the corporate event.


Photo booth – Essential in every event

Having these 3 things in mind, we can fairly say that a photo booth not only acts as a form of entertainment but is very much a good marketing tool and a great way of saving up on corporate budget. Of course these are just 3 out of the many reasons a photo booth should be present in your next event.

Easter eggs in a nest

The Sweet Origins of Easter

Old Photo Booth

History in Pictures – Photo Booth Origins and Fun Facts

Friendships are strengthened, memories are born, relationships blossom at the confines of a comfy box called a photo booth. Love, laughter, and life itself contained in a booth full of memories. Let’s travel down memory lane and see how this wonderful contraption started out and evolved over the ages.

Old photos

Mrs. Froster’s Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is that time of the year where we celebrate the hardships, the sacrifices, the joy and beauty that comes with being a mother. We celebrate the memories, from the time a woman gives birth and holds her baby for the first time, as a mother. The image of her child is imbibed in her mind, as clear as a photo taken that very day.

If you are a mom, this is your big day. If you aren’t, this is finally the day you get to buy your mom something special for mother’s day. I’m sure she’s been nagging you as early as April to get her something special.

But for moms, nothing short of special will do. It has to be something you didn’t just pick from the neighbor’s garden, or a last-minute artwork you did for the occasion. It has to say, “you’re special”, “I got this for you”, and of course, the ever elusive “I love you.”

As you are probably still thinking of what to buy this 13th of May, here are a few gift ideas you can give her, to make her feel loved, and not regret that she had you.



Ferrero RocherNo matter what the occasion or event, candy will always be good option for the sweet tooth in us. There are a variety of candies our moms can sink their teeth in. If you are on a budget there are a lot of candies with good presentation at a super low cost.

For those who can spend a special amount for a special woman, there are a lot of expensive candies, put are pretty worth it in terms of taste and flavor.

Pretty good choices are Ferrero, Dairy Milk and there even cute candy bouquets particularly made for the occasion.




Bouquet of flowersStevie Wonder once said, “Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” Flowers are definitely a great choice when giving gifts to women – especially for mom.

Flowers can be presented in a lot of ways: either by a single long stem rose or similar sweet smelling flower, an assorted bouquet of different flowers of different colors and fresh scents, or a basket of flowers to adorn her room or coffee table.





JewelryAs that famous song goes, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” This is perfectly true. But because our moms love us so much, anything that comes from us, even though not diamonds, would be appreciated as if they are bigger than the biggest diamond.

For kids and teens, mom would also treasure necklaces, bracelets, and other bands you made yourself. Moms may look hard on the outside sometimes, but are pretty soft on the inside. anything you made for them will definitely get a hug and kiss for a reward!

But of course, if we can afford it, go ahead and spoil mommy with a shiny new rock!



Scented Candles

scented candlesAs women love everything aromatic, candles of different scents and colors are a great gift idea for mom! Anything that she can put in her coffee table or shelves , something for good conversation when a neighbor visits.

She can always say, “my son gave me this on Mother’s day” as if it was the best thing we ever did in the world.



Her Favorite Book

Mommy reading do kidFor those who are pretty close to mommy dearest, we can skim through her library or book shelves and see what kind of books she likes.

From the good old fashioned, 50 shades or maybe one of Martha Stewart’s writings, buying something she likes will definitely hit it big in her heart. Goes to show we really pay attention on the things that she loves.



Framed Photos

Old photosAs moms are very sentimental, a family photo of your best day, an anniversary, a family celebration will definitely hit the spot, right through her heart. This gift is not very costly, an edited photo, nice photo frame, and voila! Perfect gift for mom!

Moreover, a photo says a lot. It’s not just giving her an old photograph, it’s giving her piece of memory. Something both of you shared. Something special to only both of you, and if it’s a family picture, special to your family of course!


These are only a few ideas on what to give her this Mother’s day. If you really want to impress mom, why not give her everything from the list. Mix and match, or be quirky and give her something different. But really, nothing beats good old fashioned love, a hug, a kiss and a heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day will surely melt mom’s heart!