Valentine’s in the Air

Valentine’s day is just a few days away. The streets are painted red, shops filled with candy and flowers.

As early as the last days of January, people are already thinking about what special gifts to give their valentines. And that includes a boy thinking of presents for his mom, someone hoping to ask a friend on a date, a husband looking for the perfect gift for his wife and so on.

For those who are thinking of something new to give for Valentine’s day, there are a lot of gift ideas to try out. Some more expensive the others. But there will always be some good old-fashioned gifts, those that never get old, no matter how many times they are given.

You can’t go wrong gifting someone chocolates, truffles, and candy on any day, and on Valentine’s Day, it’s a MUST.

Here to give you an idea, are the top five sure-win sweet gifts that will melt the heart of your valentine.

1. Chocolate Cake Nowadays, cakes have different kinds, different shapes and sizes, different themes and different styles. You can even place your picture on top of a cake, or write love messages on them. 

Chocolate Cake

And there will always be enough for everyone, or if your valentine doesn’t want to share, that’s fine, too.

2. Ice cream with unique flavors – In Alabama, you can try the black walnut ice cream; in Alaska, tickle your taste buds with the Turmeric Ice cream; we even have a smoked salmon, Guinness flavored and chili pepper ice cream here – if you don’t believe us, visit Murphy’s Ice cream, here in Dublin.


When looking for a great valentine’s treat, don’t just settle for the typical chocolate ice cream. Add twist with these blends, sweet with a tang of something new.

3. Heart shaped candy box – You may think that this is an ordinary gift that sounds cliché. But for someone who can’t figure out what to give on valentine’s day, why not gift a bit of everything. A box full of different kinds of sweets says it all. And if it comes on a heart shaped box, you’ll give the impression that you just gave heart your sweet heart away – romantic right?

Candy box

4. Theme chocolates – As chocolate comes in different shapes and sizes, tell her how you feel by looking for the right chocolate that says the right words.


You can choose from man shaped sweets or heart shaped ones. There are even chocolates that bluntly says I love you.


5. Flower shaped candy – Can’t decide if you’ll give her flowers or chocolates this Valentine’s day? Why not give her both. Plus, if she’s allergic, she definitely love that she got flowers without sneezing, and one she can enjoy munching on.


It’s one of the most heartfelt times of the year. A day where you can show your loved ones how much you care for them. But don’t forget that amidst the flowers and chocolates and sweet gifts, it’s still you and your presence that they consider the best gift for Valentine’s day.


bridesmaid dresses

Craziest Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.

But before the bride takes her glorious walk down that ever perfect aisle, the bridesmaids would pave the way.

Other than the food and the design of the reception, much talked about are the outfits, the motif and the bride’s dress, and of course, bridesmaids’ dresses.

Everybody knows that it’s the bride’s perfect day. She has to be the most beautiful woman there. And as such, nobody should outshine the bride. However, this is not the main reason why bridesmaid’s dresses are all alike.

Why the Matching Dresses?

To give a brief insight on the tradition, it is believed in ancient Rome that when a man and woman celebrate their love by getting married, they attract evil spirits because of the spite of unrequited love and love lost from other suitors.

To ward off these evil spirits, the bride’s maids would dress up in matching dresses to distract these evil spirits and guard the bride until the vows are said and wedding finally consummated. Who knew there was so much ado with saying a couple’s I do’s.

Never Outshine the Bride

Some say you’ll definitely know how much your best friend loves you when you see what she’ll make you wear as a bridesmaid on her wedding day. Let’s hope she loves you dearly enough to not make you wear one of these featured dresses.

Having this in mind, here are some of the craziest vintage bridesmaid dresses that’ll make you hide all evidence if you were one the bridesmaids.

Beautiful, flowery, efficient. Just be sure to stay away from the curtain when taking a picture. You’ll know where these dresses came from. Better buy new curtains, then.


Strawberry shortcake themed wedding needs a strawberry shortcake themed bridesmaids. Of course with little shortcake flower girls, too. This could look really cool and flary in the 70s but try doing one now, you’ll end up at the top of the list of Craziest Bridesmaid dresses.


Back in the 60s and 70s, psychedelic princesses are rocking. Take it to the next level and add in a slash of pastel and this is what happens. The evil spirits will definitely be confused.


Wanna see more funky and crazy bridesmaid dresses to give you an idea of how to torture your best friend when you get married?  Check out this article from BoredPanda.

All in the Spirit of Love and Fun

Weddings are celebrated between two people who have so much love that it needs to be declared, professed and proclaimed to the world. It could be celebrated with only a few people, to a hundred thousand guests and friends.

You could be wearing a strawberry shortcake outfit or a pastel princess dress. But what really matters is you get to share the love and take part in a wonderful event that will last a lifetime. A momentous event shared only to special people, no matter what you wear and how you look.


Iconic Photos

Iconic Photos and the Stories Behind Them

In the past, we’ve written about feel-good articles and positively happy topics about photo booths and famous photographs. Today, let’s mover deeper in to humanity’s raw emotions and take a look at some of the most iconic photos from our history and the rich stories behind them.

After all, taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.


Einstein’s Iconic Tongue-Out Photo

Iconic PhotosThis photo has been seen all over the internet. But before that, it has been documented in books, and has even been a subject of Andy Warhol photo booth artworks.

It strikes such an ironic concept as a man so profoundly smart and has been key to most scientific discoveries poses at such an innocently childlike way.

The photo was taken on Mr. Einstein’s 72nd birthday on match 14th, 1951. Photographers from all over the United States have been asking for his photograph all day. He had been very tired with the usual camera-ready smile.

Dr Frank Aydelotte, the former head of the Institute for Advanced Study, offered to drive Einstein home. As he entered the car, UPI photographer Arthur Sasse rushed to make ‘just one more’ picture. he was trying to persuade him to smile for the camera, but instead, he  playfully stuck out his tongue. He then made the iconic shot, and had never been happier about it.

Once published, it became one of the most popular photos ever taken of Einstein, who himself requested nine prints for his personal use. The original image included the faces of Dr. Aydelotte and his wife in the car, but it was cropped by Einstein himself, who loved it so much that he had it made for greeting cards and sent it to his friends.


Iconic Kissing in Times Square

Iconic Photos Taken Alfred Eisentaedt, this photo and had captured the celebration and jubilance people felt as the war already ended.

Initially published in LIFE magazine, the photo caught the United States at a moment of pure relief from a long period of suffering brought about by war. Without even reading captions and write ups about it, this photo clearly represents the how the people  at the time felt, letting go of their fears and inhibitions.

Greta Zimmer Friedman, the woman in the photo, was a 21-year-old dental assistant at the time the picture was taken. She went out in Times Square when news of the war’s end broke. The man kissing her, George Mendonsa, saw Friedman for the first time, spun her around and kissed her.

Friedman said in a 2005 interview with the Veterans History Project that it wasn’t that much of a kiss, it was just somebody celebrating. It wasn’t a romantic event.


The green Eyed Afghan

Iconic PhotosThis iconic photograph, when seen at first, looks ordinary. But take a closer look, the girl stares back with deep green eyes that seem to be speaking to you – conveying pure emotions as if shouting out as loud can be.

Sharbat Gula, the girl in the photo, was then 12 years old and stationed in an Afghan refugees camp in Pakistan during the invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union. The photo was used as a cover for the National Geographic magazine and quickly became one of its most iconic covers.

The name of the girl remained unknown for a long time. This was Steve McCurry, and 17 years of research,  tracked her down. She had returned to Afghanistan in 1992 and did not know that she had become such an icon.

wedding traditions

6 Wedding Traditions to Consider on your Big Day

It’s the big day, everybody’s excited! The garden looks amazing, the cake is 100 layers and fabulous. But wait, did we check if the bride had something old, something new? Did she have anything borrowed, is she holding anything blue while walking down the aisle.

These are but a few traditions that we normally check off our list. A lot of people make an elaborate list, but others tend to just brush them off.

If you are one who sticks to traditions and doesn’t treat them lightly, here are the top 5 wedding traditions one should consider on the big day, and the rationale behind them.


Wedding Ceremony Traditions

1. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Wedding traditionsIn talking about wedding traditions, this old rhyme will always be mentioned.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

This rhyme remains as a British custom, but has spread all throughout the world and have been practiced in a lot of weddings all over.

The allegorical meaning of the rhyme is: Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness, something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.


2. Carrying a bouquet down the aisle

wedding traditionsThis universal tradition has always been at the top of every wedding planner’s list. Together with the killer wedding dress and shoes, the bride must ALWAYS carry a bouquet. Otherwise, it would look incomplete and awkward walking down the aisle with the bride’s hands without flowers. Of course she can do a royal wave, but even that won’t make up for the whole vibe of the ceremony.

The history behind carrying a bouquet, interesting as it may sound, is that in the Middle Ages, strong smelling herbs and spices were carried by the bride to drive away evil spirits, bad luck and any misfortune. Also, popular among those times was the herb dill, as it was the herb of lust. Its consumption by the newlyweds was thought to increase sexual desire.

Another origin of the bouquet during weddings dates back to ancient Rome, when brides carried flower garlands, as flowers signify new beginnings, fertility, hope and fidelity.


3. Exchanging wedding bands

wedding traditionsBefore the big day, the happy couple gets to choose the design of their bands or rings, as these will be worn by them all throughout their lives as a symbol that they have given themselves to their significant other.

As the phrase goes, ‘til death do us part’, these words are the very essence of the wedding bands. The bride has given herself to the groom and the groom to the bride – and no one except death can separate them.

Moreover, a ring symbolizes the eternity of their love. It has no beginning and end.


4. The wedding vows

Wedding traditionsThe highlight of every wedding is the exchange of vows. In some traditions, the priest facilitates by guiding the bride and groom on their vows. In some traditions, the bride and groom can make their own solemn vows.

This part is the one that seals the deal as some couples have stayed together in a home, without the benefit marriage and without standing in from of one another in ceremony to let their love and vows be heard by their partner.


Tradition after Ceremony

After the bride and groom have finally tied the knot, we now go to the next event that all of the guests enjoy: the reception. And even during the reception, the traditions continue. This is because, ever since time immemorial, after a weddings comes a grand feast – a celebration of union, two souls joined as one to multiply and become a family.

5. Serving the wedding cake

wedding traditionsJust like birthday celebrations and other events, a wedding will not be complete without serving the cake. It’s one of the highlights of any wedding, the other being the wine toasting.

Serving the cake represents fertility and prosperity — and cutting the cake and feeding one a another is a symbolism for doing things together as equal heads of the family, one needing the other.


6. The wedding toast

wedding traditionsIn the wedding toast, the best man, is entitled – or burdened – with the task of introducing the couple, sharing their history and wishing them well. Everyone hopes that the groom hasn’t drank too much before the toast so he could execute his job well.

Next to share is the maid of honor who seconds the motion in sharing the love between the couple. But, experience tells us that, the maid of honor also smoothens what the best man started.

As for the symbolism behind the toast, this symbolizes drinking from the cup of life and sharing all of the couples experiences together, bitter and sweet. In some countries, part of the ceremony asks the bride and groom to drink from the same cup as a symbol of sharing themselves with one another.


Crazy Photo Booth

Fun Photo Booth Designs and Props

Don’t you just love photo booths? In weddings and events, people get excited when that box with the quirky props and cute backdrop are there – people even check out and scout the area if any photo booth has been set up.

Just what is it with photo booths that give us this exciting and giddy feeling that suddenly we need to have our picture taken? It’s that feeling of having fun with friends, memories that you can look back to even after the event is gone.

When hiring a photo booth, you need to make sure that the props (toys, cardboard quotes, head gear and hats, etc.) are all fresh and fun. It’d also be a big bonus if the props and photo booth design theme fits with the event’s theme.

As for props and quotes, here are a two quirky fun photo booth ideas for props and designs for you to get an idea on your next event:


Vintage Photo Booth Props

Photo Credit:

Crazy Photo Booth

Photo Credit:

For most weddings, vintage theme never gets old (ironic right?) Add in a few pastels, a few old things you can find at your house, a few things your grandma or grandpa used to own, and voila, perfect vintage wedding.

To match it with your photo booth, dress up your area with pastel or black and white colors, add in a few clothes and sheets, a few things stuck in your attic and you’re ready to go. It’ll definitely give that nostalgic feel, especially if the items are authentic.




Bohemian Photo Booth Props

Crazy photo BoothWhat fun way to dress up your photo booth and put matching props when the theme is “Bohemian”. Dream catchers, free flowing energy surrounding the area. Put a few colorful props and designs, a few peace sign cardboard shot outs and you’re ready to go.

People wouldn’t resist having their picture taken once they feel the vibe and the positive energy in the air.




Nostalgic Photo Booth Snap Shots of Most Famous Celebrities

Nostalgic Photo Booth Snap Shots of Most Famous Celebrities

What is it about celebrity photos that we love so much? It’s probably the image of a glamorous life set apart from the masses. But what’s more interesting with photos of celebrities are candid shots, bloopers, and funny pictures taken of them.

And because we so love candid shots and funny photos, where else can we find them but in snap shots taken in a photo booth. Everyone would agree that there is something in a photo booth that would make anybody pose wacky, no matter how formal the occasion.

For your pleasure, here are a few nostalgic pictures of celebrities and their rare photo booth pictures.


JFK and Jackie O. Famous Photo Booth Pictures

Nostalgic Photo Booth Snap Shots of Most Famous CelebritiesThis shot of John F.Kennedy  and Jackie O. is one of the most famous among many photo booth pictures they have all over the internet.

Look up famous couples and put in the words photo booth and their picture will be there. This is just one among many rare black and white photos of the couple.

As one comment put it:

I can’t think of any couple I’ve ever know that had greater understanding of each other.



Truman Capote, Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer

Photo booth pictures of Truman Capote, Audrey Hepburn, and Mel Ferrer, c. 1956.

Photo booth pictures of Truman Capote, Audrey Hepburn, and Mel Ferrer, c. 1956.

Another rare photo from very famous people during their time. These legends definitely never get old. Audrey Hepburn (middle) definitely stuns with class and simply chic is never enough to describe her.

Truman Capote, (left) and Hepburn had the photo together as the former was the author of the novel “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, with which Hepburn was the main character when the novel was made into film.

As for Truman Capote, here’s what he had to say about being in a film with Audrey in his biography:

Marilyn [Monroe] was my first choice to play Holly Golightly.  I thought she would be perfect.  Holly had to have something touching about her…unfinished.  [But] Paramount double-crossed me in every way and cast Audrey.” – Truman Capote


Marilyn Monroe

Nostalgic Photo Booth Snap Shots of Most Famous CelebritiesThe classic ageless bimbo that put ‘sexy’ in the movie industry, she always has a good side for the camera.

This classic bomb shell, whose real name is Norma Jean Baker, seduced the camera in more ways than one. With her alluring smile quirky poses, she brought a new personality to film that until now is being copied by a lot of actresses to no avail.

Never a dull moment when taking her photos, here are a few delicious photo booth snaps of Monroe.



Morgan Freeman

Nostalgic Photo Booth Snap Shots of Most Famous Celebrities

Known for being a great actor, producer, and narrator for his unique fatherly voice, Morgan Freeman poses on a photo booth with a few quirky shots that leave his fans wanting for more..

His roles on film are definitely far different from the photos seen here.




Elvis Presley

Nostalgic Photo Booth Snap Shots of Most Famous Celebrities


This photo of dreamy Elvis Presley dates back 1950. Even in black and white, he had smooth good looks to die for. I can almost hear him singing in the photo booth.

5 Crazy Wedding Themes for 2018

This June, the wedding fever hasn’t died down yet. Wedding planners everywhere are at their busiest as ‘tis the season for vows and bouquets, for forevers and I dos!

But planning a wedding, especially picking a theme, is no easy feat. You start off with conceptualizing on making that most special day perfect.

May it be a beach wedding or saying your vows after jumping off a plane, here are 5 crazy wedding themes that’ll sure give everyone an awesome time.


1. Harry Potter Wedding

Crazy Wedding Ideas for 2018A lot of us dream of going to school at Hogwarts. Why not just go there to get married?

It’s such a great idea, some have already done it.

From cool wanted poster wedding invites, Slitherin and Gryffindor shoes, and yes, Harry Potter underwear, a Harry Potter themed wedding does seem like a really great idea. You can play with a lot of ideas, get a lot inspiration from the books.

Of course it won’t be easy recreating the event, but there will be a lot of places where you get novelty Harry Potter items such as wands and brooms. You can even customize background scenes and details to recreate the Hogwarts ambiance.

To see more of this wedding theme read here.


2. Super Hero Wedding Theme

Crazy Wedding Ideas for 2018

Photo by Jaime Kae Hazen Photography

Cooler than getting married in Hogwarts is going to your wedding as Superman. May it be Marvel or DC, this idea will definitely have a lot of fun and funny photos that the whole family would love.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen could dress up either as sexy villains or superheroes, or why not let the entire Avengers team go to the wedding.

Just be sure to coordinate costumes as we can’t have two Captain Americas going to the same wedding.


3. Disney Theme

Every woman wants to marry her prince charming. Well, why not make her wish come true by doing a Disney Themed wedding. Dress up in your most favorite Disney princess and start your happily ever after in style.

Who wouldn’t want to be Cinderella for a day going out from her royal carriage and on to that aisle where prince charming awaits.

For more ideas on a Disney theme wedding, click here.


4. Candy Land Theme

Crazy Wedding Ideas for 2018Who doesn’t love Candy. Saying I do has never tasted this sweet. Bring color into your wedding with a dash of sweets and Candy Land themed wedding.

Draw inspiration from Candy Crush or just fill the reception with rainbow colored candy to add cheer to this special moment.

However, just make sure the food served is more than just candy. It’s one thing for the whole vibe to look and taste really sweet, it’s another to have too much sweets and have tummy ache the next day.



Halloween Wedding theme

Crazy Wedding Ideas for 2018Yes, Halloween is not yet for a few more months. But it would pretty unforgettable to attend a spooky Halloween themed wedding.

Just to be quirky and remember your most important day by saying I do with fangs and goth make up, would really be fantastic.




Crazy Weddings All Around

Of course, there are other quirky ideas we can think of. Cosplay weddings, African Safari themed ones, the list of quirkiness when it comes to celebrating your best day is limitless.

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo Booth

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo Booth

Pictures definitely say a thousand words, more so when these pictures are taken with friends at a memorable event. This is why there is a certain charm in having a photo booth at weddings, birthday parties and very important events in our lives.

Other than being fun, and having that casual and impromptu vibe, a photo booth is always necessary and desirable for any party as this will be remembered by guests and friends as an important detail of the event.

This being said, here’s a list of things that one needs to consider when hiring a photo booth for their event.


Photo Booth Location

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothMuch like any other important detail in the setting and placement of chairs, tables, lights and design, it is equally important to set up the photo booth in the right place. Set it up in a spot where all guests can see and easily access it.

The photo booth should easily blend with the event, but must also stand out so as to be seen by the guests. Ideally, It can placed near the bar, if the venue has one, or where the main entertainment is going to take place.

For weddings, a guest book is a great idea for the guests to be able to tape their photos and have them sign in and leave their best wishes and remarks to the newlyweds.


Make Sure to Spread the Word

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothThe best way to maximize your photo booth is to let the guest know that there is one and to point them to the photo booth’s direction.  Let the guest know that the photo booth free and that they can take as many pictures as they want. Before you know it people will be talking about how much fun the event is.

Also inform the event’s host or DJ to mention a few times of the photo booth’s location and that it’s here for everyone’s enjoyment.


Consider the Number of Guests

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothIn hiring a photo booth, also consider if they can accommodate the size of the guests to be served. Communicate the estimate number of guests that will attend early on for them to be ready as to what materials and machines need to be set up in the event.

As people tend to be excited, some rush and some want to have their photos taken more than once, its always good to be ready for anything.





Souvenirs and Party Favors

We have mentioned in other articles that one good thing about having a photo booth is that it also doubles as a party favor or souvenir—something that you can put on your fridge or office table. Since the photos are available in a few minutes, friends and new acquaintance have for small talk while waiting for their photos.


Same-Day-Edit Video Ideas

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo BoothAnother great idea in considering a photo booth at your event is making a slideshow of the photos taken and set up a projector or screen while the event is taking place.

It’ll definitely liven up the event and have more than a few laughs. Great way to remember an epic event.

Wedding Candy Cart

7 Fun Things to Have at Your Wedding

June, it’s that time of the year! Love sure is in the air, no matter how hot and humid it is. And with the jolly month of June comes a whole lot of weddings. For after all, when you marry in June you’re a bride all your life.

Although women have been planning all their lives for that dream wedding, it never hurts to tweak things a bit and go for the inexpensive yet fantastic. With this in mind here are 7 great and budget friendly ideas to help you plan out your big day!


Wedding Caricature

Wedding CaricatureWeddings sometimes can get boring when done the traditional way – all white, solemn music, everyone shining shimmering as the hot summer sun builds up sweat in that elegant tux.

To spice things up, why not hire a caricature artist, to liven up the day. Cute rendition of the guests’ faces and gestures are always a good way to strike a conversation. Having an artist around can definitely add a cheery and happy vibe in a romantic event as this.



Outdoor Games and Fun Activities

Wedding GamesWeddings are for the young as much as for the young at heart. And what better way to keep the guests running around, jumping and moving than to set up a gaming area for them to have fun and have a hearty outdoor game or two.

You can set up different games coordinated with the wedding’s theme – may it be board games or card games, this is a great idea to keep the party going for both young and old guests.



Romantic Lanterns

Wedding LanternsInspired by Disney’s Rapunzel, this idea is best execute at night, with minimal lighting on your reception, and definitely outdoors – perfect for garden weddings.

As weddings are a symbol of unifying 2 souls, finding each other to be joined as one, forever, so too does flying a lantern symbolize the hope of finding true love and nurturing this with the light shining on each lantern.


Polaroid Fun

A lot of garden weddings have had this craze of setting up a corner with strings where Polaroid shots are displayed showcasing the happy moments of the couple. A great idea to add to this craze is to put Polaroid cameras on tables where guests can take pictures of themselves or the event in general, and hang or pin it on the corner.


Wedding Calligraphy

Wedding CalligraphyCalligraphy on wedding decors are perfect especially when paired with the theme.

Another great thing about this idea is it also works as a signature board and decoration for guests that you can either keep or display in your home to remember your special day.

Let your guests write down their messages and let them do it in calligraphy to let out out their artistic side.




Photo Booth

Wedding Photo BoothLast but not least, photo booths, not only in weddings but in other events are, nowadays, a given.

In every event, guests always check if there’s a photo booth. Having a photo booth in a wedding can turn any dull place into a lively party. Pictures from photo booths are always a good conversation starter especially for acquaintances and new friends.

This is not only applicable in weddings. Birthdays, corporate events and other parties and celebrations have photo booths as this is a great way to socialize with people you don’t know gives you something to talk about and set the mood.


Candy Cart

Wedding Candy CartCandy is always, always a good idea. May it be weddings, birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion, you can never go wrong with candy. Great for giving guests a stunning dessert bar, plus this can also be a souvenir or party favor of the event.



It’s the memories that matter most

These 7 great ideas are only a few of the many things we can do at our wedding. How expensive, how grand, how quirky or how cool a wedding is, is only secondary to the main objective of the wedding – which to celebrate the union of two people who want to share their lives together, forever. And because

Weddings mark the beginning of a long journey full of memories, we might as well join in the fun and make awesome memories of our own.