Valentine’s in the Air

Valentine’s day is just a few days away. The streets are painted red, shops filled with candy and flowers. As early as the last days of January, people are already thinking about what special gifts to give their valentines. And that includes a boy thinking of presents for his mom, someone hoping to ask a […]

bridesmaid dresses

Craziest Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white. But before the bride takes her glorious walk down that ever perfect aisle, the bridesmaids would pave the way. Other than the food and the design of the reception, much talked about are the outfits, the motif and the bride’s dress, and of course, bridesmaids’ dresses. Everybody […]

Iconic Photos

Iconic Photos and the Stories Behind Them

In the past, we’ve written about feel-good articles and positively happy topics about photo booths and famous photographs. Today, let’s mover deeper in to humanity’s raw emotions and take a look at some of the most iconic photos from our history and the rich stories behind them. After all, taking an image, freezing a moment, […]

wedding traditions

6 Wedding Traditions to Consider on your Big Day

It’s the big day, everybody’s excited! The garden looks amazing, the cake is 100 layers and fabulous. But wait, did we check if the bride had something old, something new? Did she have anything borrowed, is she holding anything blue while walking down the aisle. These are but a few traditions that we normally check […]

Crazy Photo Booth

Fun Photo Booth Designs and Props

Don’t you just love photo booths? In weddings and events, people get excited when that box with the quirky props and cute backdrop are there – people even check out and scout the area if any photo booth has been set up. Just what is it with photo booths that give us this exciting and […]

Nostalgic Photo Booth Snap Shots of Most Famous Celebrities

Nostalgic Photo Booth Snap Shots of Most Famous Celebrities

What is it about celebrity photos that we love so much? It’s probably the image of a glamorous life set apart from the masses. But what’s more interesting with photos of celebrities are candid shots, bloopers, and funny pictures taken of them. And because we so love candid shots and funny photos, where else can […]

5 Crazy Wedding Themes for 2018

This June, the wedding fever hasn’t died down yet. Wedding planners everywhere are at their busiest as ‘tis the season for vows and bouquets, for forevers and I dos! But planning a wedding, especially picking a theme, is no easy feat. You start off with conceptualizing on making that most special day perfect. May it […]

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo Booth

Things to Consider in Hiring a Photo Booth

Pictures definitely say a thousand words, more so when these pictures are taken with friends at a memorable event. This is why there is a certain charm in having a photo booth at weddings, birthday parties and very important events in our lives. Other than being fun, and having that casual and impromptu vibe, a […]

Wedding Candy Cart

7 Fun Things to Have at Your Wedding

June, it’s that time of the year! Love sure is in the air, no matter how hot and humid it is. And with the jolly month of June comes a whole lot of weddings. For after all, when you marry in June you’re a bride all your life. Although women have been planning all their […]

June Bride

June Bride – Why Summer Weddings are so Popular

June, it’s that time of the year. We are saying good bye to merry May and entering the second half of the year. As summer is in the air, so is the blossom of fresh flowers and the sweet scent of forever. Whenever the month of June is mentioned, one thing immediately comes to mind […]

Old Photo Booth

The Magic of a Good Old Fashioned Photo Booth

owadays, when every phone has a camera and every person from the age of 2 knows how to take a selfie (even our pets, sometimes) the good old fashioned photo booth could be the next victim of our world’s creative destruction. A lot of companies have either gone bankrupt or evolved because of the need […]

Man with Horse head in Photo Booth

Making the Most out of your Photo Booth

From planning and food tasting to party favors, everything needs to be perfect when it comes to weddings and special events. And everyone would agree that hiring a photo booth definitely completes an event planner’s checklist. Not only is it a great way to entertain the guests, it’s also a great idea to give out […]

April Highlights

April Highlights

Photos on a wall

Benefits of having a Photo Booth in Your Corporate Event

Here’s one fact everyone can attest to: Everyone loves to take photos in events. May it be a social or family gathering, people love to document where they are, who they are with, how much fun they are having. In company and corporate parties, event and marketing planners need to make sure attendees are having […]

Easter eggs in a nest

The Sweet Origins of Easter

Old Photo Booth

History in Pictures – Photo Booth Origins and Fun Facts

Friendships are strengthened, memories are born, relationships blossom at the confines of a comfy box called a photo booth. Love, laughter, and life itself contained in a booth full of memories. Let’s travel down memory lane and see how this wonderful contraption started out and evolved over the ages.

Old photos

Mrs. Froster’s Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is that time of the year where we celebrate the hardships, the sacrifices, the joy and beauty that comes with being a mother. We celebrate the memories, from the time a woman gives birth and holds her baby for the first time, as a mother. The image of her child is imbibed in […]