Wedding Candy Cart

7 Fun Things to Have at Your Wedding

June, it’s that time of the year! Love sure is in the air, no matter how hot and humid it is. And with the jolly month of June comes a whole lot of weddings. For after all, when you marry in June you’re a bride all your life.

Although women have been planning all their lives for that dream wedding, it never hurts to tweak things a bit and go for the inexpensive yet fantastic. With this in mind here are 7 great and budget friendly ideas to help you plan out your big day!


Wedding Caricature

Wedding CaricatureWeddings sometimes can get boring when done the traditional way – all white, solemn music, everyone shining shimmering as the hot summer sun builds up sweat in that elegant tux.

To spice things up, why not hire a caricature artist, to liven up the day. Cute rendition of the guests’ faces and gestures are always a good way to strike a conversation. Having an artist around can definitely add a cheery and happy vibe in a romantic event as this.



Outdoor Games and Fun Activities

Wedding GamesWeddings are for the young as much as for the young at heart. And what better way to keep the guests running around, jumping and moving than to set up a gaming area for them to have fun and have a hearty outdoor game or two.

You can set up different games coordinated with the wedding’s theme – may it be board games or card games, this is a great idea to keep the party going for both young and old guests.



Romantic Lanterns

Wedding LanternsInspired by Disney’s Rapunzel, this idea is best execute at night, with minimal lighting on your reception, and definitely outdoors – perfect for garden weddings.

As weddings are a symbol of unifying 2 souls, finding each other to be joined as one, forever, so too does flying a lantern symbolize the hope of finding true love and nurturing this with the light shining on each lantern.


Polaroid Fun

A lot of garden weddings have had this craze of setting up a corner with strings where Polaroid shots are displayed showcasing the happy moments of the couple. A great idea to add to this craze is to put Polaroid cameras on tables where guests can take pictures of themselves or the event in general, and hang or pin it on the corner.


Wedding Calligraphy

Wedding CalligraphyCalligraphy on wedding decors are perfect especially when paired with the theme.

Another great thing about this idea is it also works as a signature board and decoration for guests that you can either keep or display in your home to remember your special day.

Let your guests write down their messages and let them do it in calligraphy to let out out their artistic side.




Photo Booth

Wedding Photo BoothLast but not least, photo booths, not only in weddings but in other events are, nowadays, a given.

In every event, guests always check if there’s a photo booth. Having a photo booth in a wedding can turn any dull place into a lively party. Pictures from photo booths are always a good conversation starter especially for acquaintances and new friends.

This is not only applicable in weddings. Birthdays, corporate events and other parties and celebrations have photo booths as this is a great way to socialize with people you don’t know gives you something to talk about and set the mood.


Candy Cart

Wedding Candy CartCandy is always, always a good idea. May it be weddings, birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion, you can never go wrong with candy. Great for giving guests a stunning dessert bar, plus this can also be a souvenir or party favor of the event.



It’s the memories that matter most

These 7 great ideas are only a few of the many things we can do at our wedding. How expensive, how grand, how quirky or how cool a wedding is, is only secondary to the main objective of the wedding – which to celebrate the union of two people who want to share their lives together, forever. And because

Weddings mark the beginning of a long journey full of memories, we might as well join in the fun and make awesome memories of our own.